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A save files that contain all the weapons and armors introduced or modded in Obscurum Pandemic. They are sorted in armors based on weight, and weapons based on ammo type. All the containers are in starting cell with character being Amnesiac Engineer in Hopeville

Permissions and credits
Obscurum Pandemic is a gunporn mod among gunporn mods. If you think you can never have enough guns in your FNV game, OP is the one making you scream "No, Thumblesteen, I am full, no more."

800+ weap and 1500+ armo items coming from both vanilla asset and Pandemic additions. All sorted into containers inside the starting area. 

So if you have a gun, say M1897 Trenchgun, a shotgun. You dont know how good it is compared to other guns of its ammo caliber. You just reload into the save I provide and check the container that has weapon of this class which I sorted as Shotguns. Going all over the very long page of shotguns to see how good it is.

Of if you want some high DT armor as park stroller suits (for fear of getting headshot like a rat). NOw you can pick up suitable armors and test yourself. Mind you, light/medium armors with good DT usually get req like Power Armor Training. Only some Heavy is useable without.

Most of the guns are sorted into ammo caliber for ease of sorting and comparison.  Because of the huge arsenal in OP, I consider sorting as ammo type is easier to organize and put together inventory. but mostly, it's easier to check inside container and compare dmg/dps between weapons of same ammo.

Energy weapons are sorted into ec, mf, ecp, fuel, and explosive overall (which include missile, grenade ammo, and thrown explosive, because they use exp skill to determine dmg and dps)

Armo type of items are sorted into heavy, medium, light, headgear, and eye-glass type. The total number is huge but they get OP-changed into duplicates quite a lot.
Complete installation of Obscurum Pandemic first. Then extract my save out, which is a save file and a nvse log. Copy this duo to C:\Users\Master\Documents\My Games\FalloutNV\Saves folder. It's the basic default save location of FNV.

DO NOT overwrite over this save, DO NOT use this save to play. Because of the methods I used to compile this save (as stated below) it's hard to be sure of a bug-free game of OP.

Whenever you want to check, reload this save and check yourself with the containers inside.
It's a brutal export of weap and armo type of items in Pandemic, by the way of FNVEDIT. Then I processed it into bat file to additem them to character. There are quest items that cant be stored away which I player.removeitem  them. So god know what quests they did break.

Thus, this save is not safe to continue.
1st credit, as always, go to Bethesda and Obsidian for making this wonderful game.
2nd hat off to Thumblesteen and his team for making Obscurum Pandemic. It's a massive endeavour.
3rd, hat off to developers of FNVEDIT, without which a super noob in coding and modding like me can not make this mod at all.