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This mod is a brutal change to lighting in Obscurum Pandemic, changing some flickering / pulsing light into dynamic flag.

Using FNVEDIT, I just override all the LIGH section in Pandemic.esp, any with flag flickering or pulse, into dynamic flag. If they are not of these type I dont touch at all.

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Obscurum Pandemic is like a different game using FNV framework. It has its own artstyle, art design, the which has flickering and pulsing lights on important role. Atmospheric, even.

I can respect that. And i dont want to change them if possible.

But. But the all the flickering lighs drive my eyes crazy. Any OP session is shorter by half compared to vanilla, or TTW, or Dust. I just cant play it for long just because of the lighting issue. Thus this mod.

This mod is, first of all, for this precise need alone.

If you ever install OP, play a few hours then rage quitting... yeah, I bet your hurting eyes (and pulsing blood vessels) contributed greatly to that process. This mod is for you, and I, so that we can play without such hurts.

Does it change every pulsing flickering lights? No. Anything LIGH section Pandemic doesnt change, or didnt add in, this mod doesnt touch.  So there's still some.  

Does it affect visual experience, does it change Obscurum Pandemic's own artistic vision and design? Maaaaaybe. Posssssssible. But this is a risk I, and you, must take. Because otherwise those lights will drive us out of this game. Keep it great, but short and abrupt; or keep it lesser but at least longer. The lesser of two evils, so to speak.

This mod is partially anti-epilepsy. partially~

1st credit, as always, go to Bethesda and Obsidian for making this wonderful game.
2nd hat off to Thumblesteen and his team for making Obscurum Pandemic. It's a massive endeavour.
3rd, hat off to developers of FNVEDIT, without which a super noob in coding and modding like me can not make this mod at all.