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Remastered Quarries does what it says on the tin. This mod gives all quarries in New Vegas a complete and total facelift with working LODs, new meshes, and landscape repaints.

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New Vegas' quarry sites are cool locations that offer to break up the brown monochrome landscape. Unfortunately, these areas of the game look quite dated, with lackluster level design and assets that barely held up even for 2011. The aim of this mod is to remaster all of the games quarry sites, removing the vanilla meshes and rebuilding quarries from the ground up with new, high quality assets. The new assets share a much closer resemblance to real world quarries (while taking the toll of time into account), and direct inspiration was taken from the real-world Sloan Quarry located in Nevada. This mod comes with matching optimized LOD assets so that the changes are visible from a distance. Navmesh, spawns, and balancing remain entirely untouched.

Incompatible with anything that significantly changes the cells this mod touches. This will likely boil down to other mods overhauling the same location. While I personally have no plans to make compatibility patches, permissions are open for anyone to do so, as long as this mod remains a requirement.

Simply drag and drop the contents of the mod into your games "Data" folder, and activate with the mod manager of your choice. Alternatively, install directly through Mod Organizer 2. You will need to regenerate your LOD with whichever LOD program you see fit.

This mod contains  high quality assets. They are at a higher resolution and less of a compression than the base game. This WILL cause instability and crashes if your game isn't utilizing advancements made by the community such as: 4GB Patch (Steam Users), NVAC, and Tick Fix with "bModifyDirectXBehavior = 0"  changed to "bModifyDirectXBehavior = 1". If you're not using these, reports of crashes and instability will not be entertained.

Spiffyskytrooper - Asset Porting, Level Design
Balebandro - Bug Fixes, Testing, Optimization
PistolPayback - Optimization
medga-3d - Base Assets