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This is meant to fix a few problems I had with the original mod.

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I was enjoying the Tales from the Burning Sand quest mod until chapter 3. I wanted to create a mod which fixes some issues I had with it, in an attempt to make it more playable.

Exhaustive List of Fixes

  • Billboard near the El-Dorado Rest Stop now says west of Searchlight instead of North. Additionally, activating the billboard should give you a note with its text.
  • Spawns a Dead Faberite Technician, near the previously mentioned billboard, which holds the key to the Faberite compound instead of the toolbox. This is much harder to miss than the toolbox.
  • Blue Diamond's Zip Code is now included in the Post Office terminals' list of zip codes allowing you to figure it out from the list that happens to not include it or the poster.
  • The Speaker in the Fabrite Building should play the audio and give you the note at the same time.

Fixes to work on
  • Make the activation point of the gas puzzle in chapter 2 the whole gas tank instead of just the gas valve.
  • Allow an activation prompt for the nanite bomb in chapter 1, rather than having the player use the explosive nearby.

I am open to any suggestions people have for future fixes; though I am not really good with the GECK or xEdit.