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Fight a tough NPC in the Deathclaw sanctuary and be rewarded with a unique set of Enclave Hellfire Armor, alongside an improved variant of the heavy incinerator. Balanced the same way TTW rebalanced power armors in its latest version.

Permissions and credits
This is a mod I made for myself, but if you too enjoy flame-based warcrimes, feel free to download it.

Current version of the mod is for TTW 3.3.1, and works as intended.

Enclave Inferno Armor :

50 DR, 25 DT, 45 lbs; base hellfire enchant. Basically a heavier version of the Hellfire, slightly more protective

Enclave Inferno Helmet :

10 DR, 4 DT, 5 lbs, base hellfire helmet enchant. Same as above.

Inferno Prototype Incinerator is a much more durable incinerator (300 vs 200 durability), far more precise (3° vs 6° spread), with slightly more damage (20 vs 16) and a tiny more crit chance and damage , but almost twice as heavy as a regular heavy incinerator (25 vs 15), and with a slightly reduced ammo capacity (20 vs 24). I might nerf its ammo count further if it proves too effective.

The enemy you have to fight to get it is a custom-made NPC named "Stranded Hellfire Enclave Trooper", located in the Deathclaw Sanctuary. I based it off the Armory Master, buffed it, and made her carry these items and a ripper. That NPC is tough to say the least, but has no healing items.

You also have my permission to upload your own version of my mod with whatever tweak you may think of.

I might add more unique variants to items that have none, such as the .22 pistol or the Anti-Material Rifle; and thus turn the mod into several added unique weapons and armors in the future. I also might make a DUST version of the mod, who knows ?