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Millenia - Sigerious

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Global overhaul of Millenia's AS Val. Tweaked model, new animations, sounds and modern script implementation.

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AS Val is glorious gun and Millenia did outstanding job to implement this gun in our favourite game.
Now i want to present you my take on this gun. New animations, new sounds, modern implementation. Let's bring this gun to modern standards of modding.

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What's new?

1. AS Val was renamed to "Russian silenced assault rifle" to better fit Fallout naming.
2. By default gun has 20 round mags and extended mag makes it 30-rounder.
3. Gun is now chambered in .44 magnum, damage is higher than in original. Now that's a high-tier gun.
4. All the other modern stuff you would expect. New animations, scripts etc...


1. Equip

2. Attack 

3. Attack in sights 

4. Reload full

5.1. Reload partial A

5.1. Reload partial B

6. Jam 

7. Unequip

   xNVSE ver. 6.2.4 or newer
ver. 20 or newer

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Credits and thanks
Millenia for VAL
Sweet6Shooter for modern implementation
RageNClear for model tweaks
Lolwutyyy for model tweaks
x01x010 for model and texture of 30 round mag
Kormakur for kNVSE 
Johnson for his rigs
rockbiter68 and Hitman for sounds 
and all beautiful people from NH arms and FNV anim servers, i love you all.