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Translates D3D9 to Vulkan, improving performance. Comes with async patch and config file already set up.

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What does it do?
dxvk replaces the game's Direct3D9 runtime with an open-source Vulkan-based one, which leads to significant performance gains on most systems because the Direct3D9 drivers are very old and have not received much attention since being superseded by DX10 and DX11. If you play the game on Linux (or even a Steam Deck), you do not need to manually install dxvk as it is already what's being used under the hood to improve the game's performance in Proton.

How do I use it?
dxvk is not a New Vegas mod per se, so it is not installed through your mod manager, but rather by simply extracting the contents of the archive to your root game folder (where FalloutNV.exe is located). To uninstall, simply delete the file d3d9.dll (and optionally dxvk.conf as well, although its presence is benign without aforementioned DLL).

How does this differ from the FNVulkan I already downloaded from the New Vegas Nexus?
This build (1.10.1) is about 5 releases newer compared to the dxvk 1.9.2 that was uploaded here under the name FNVulkan. Additionally, this package has the async patch already applied, and comes with a configuration file  (dxvk.conf)  which enables the functionality of said patch. This should theoretically provide better performance in-game while the cache is being built. Aside from those points, they are the same thing.

Did you make this?
Fuck no! I can barely make spaghetti. dxvk is open source and free to redistribute; I just uploaded it here so it's easier for people to use instead of having to manually configure it themselves.

Compatibility Notes (Important)
  • dxvk will definitely not work on any GPU that has no Vulkan support (most made after ~2015 do, linked page is just for NVIDIA though)
  • If you have an iGPU make sure to update your drivers as the OEM ones tend to be outdated
  • On laptops with dedicated graphics, dxvk is very unlikely to work properly
  • Visual bugs with things like water reflections have been reported on AMD GPUs
  • Reshade will need to be installed in Vulkan mode rather than d3d9 mode in order to use both together
  • The GECK takes longer to load with dxvk, however GECK Extender has an "ignore d3d9" option that circumvents this completely
  • Every system is different and it is difficult to predict how much, if at all, your performance will improve until you try it yourself

dxvk is copyrighted under the zlib license.