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Improves the GRX perk, allows it to be vanilla hotkeyed, or activated via separate key. Usage is tied to AP.

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This mod reworks how the Implant GRX perk works. In essence it converts it into effectively a "lore friendly" bullet time mod. The main Implant GRX item can now be freely hotkeyed with the vanilla system, or you can assign it to any key on your keyboard (C by default). While active, Implant GRX will constantly drain AP, and in addition, all VATS based bonuses will take effect while GRX is active, so perks like Plasma Spaz will reduce the AP drain while a plasma weapon is equipped, or Grim Reaper's Sprint will replenish AP upon killing a target.

The AP drain, hotkey, and minimum required AP can be configured via the Mod Configuration Menu.

You can see it in action here:


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