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A completely reworked re-imagining of the TTW main menu image that comes with TTW. Beginning with higher resolution base photos, AI upscaling to 4k, and then custom photo retouching and masking I have made what I believe is a much higher quality version.

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Main Menu Redone - A TTW Mod

This mod initially began as a simple upscale of the original main menu title screen that comes default with Tale of Two Wastelands. However, it quickly became apparent that the original has too few details to get any decent result from upscaling even using AI models. So I set out to find the original images that were used to create the merged version. Once I found those, I was able to start at a base resolution of 1920x1080 and then use AI to upscale to 4k. From there I redid all the Photoshopping of the Lone Wanderer into the FNV background. Also several color edits and various retouches.

There are three resolution to choose from, according to your monitor size. There are two flavors to choose from alongside that: a more true-to-the-original TTW one, and then one where I messed around with replacing the skies with something lighter on one side. 

You may find some slight stuttering on initial load with the 2k and 4k versions on a weaker computer (HDD vs SSD).

Look at the images and choose which version you like, install with your favorite mod manager. Dedicated to the TTW team and the amount of work put into TTW as a whole. 

Made with:
- AI Gigapixel
- Adobe Photoshop 2022