Fallout New Vegas
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BigM00d and FlaccidApple

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Takes FlaccidApple's mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/72794?tab=description&BH=0) and fixes the broken models for the GRA weapon mods.

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Like I said. It's FlaccidApple's One Shot Wonder mod but the GRA weapon mods will actually show.

The Stats are as follows (posted from original mod's posts): damage is extremely good, i think like 2-3x the damage. with ap rounds i was able to consistently one shot brotherhood paladins and ncr soldiers in salvaged power armor
rate of fire is terrible. after every shot, two animations play: the normal animation with the amr, but then also the reload animation. i think it makes the rof be like 0.5-0.3 rps
strength requirements are still high, but much easier to get to. guns 69 and strength 5. though even after meeting all the strength requirements the scope will still sway a fair amount because of the 
massive f***ing scope honestly, maybe my favourite feature. it zooms in like 2-3 times more than the standard amr. a lot more like a real sniper
weight is 10 lbs, and the carbon fiber parts mod is still applicable. as are the other two mods
this gun is very close to being massively op, but because of the terrible rof, it keeps it in the realm of sanity (albeit barely)
love it. blast/10
You can apply all three GRA mods and they do all that they do to a regular AMR.