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Adds crafting and breakdown recipes for pretty much all of the ballistic ammo types that were missing them in NV and TTW.

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Supplemental Ammo Crafting adds recipes for almost all of the ammo types that were missing crafting/breakdown recipes in NV and TTW. It also rebalances and organizes existing ones.
In detail:
- All calibers have their own starting Repair requirement, with different ammo types having increased requirements
- All Junk ammo is craftable from 45 Repair and up, to match the perk's required Repair skill
- All Hand Loader ammo is craftable from 70 Repair and up, to match the perk's required Repair skill
- Breaking down calibers requires a Repair level slightly below the respective crafting requirement, but all variations of that caliber have the same requirement
- All recipes have been re-organized to follow the Case -> Primer -> Powder -> Lead -> Other standard


Tale of Two Wastelands (only for the TTW version)


Icon Guy
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