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A mod that simply overhauls the powder gangers

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The Powder Gangers are one of the most gutted factions in the game everyone knows that, so I decided to polish them a little bit and add in some more flavor to their quests.

- Revamped Battle At the end of I fought the law
- More Troopers and more powder gangers at the NCRCF
- Some Powder Gangers from the cell blocks and the visitors center will leave and join the fight
- Some Bounty Hunters will join the fray
- The NCR will take over a powder ganger checkpoint near Jean Sky Diving if they win
- Sergeant Lee will still end up joining the battle if you side with the powder gangers
- If the Powder Gangers win, they will fortify one of their camps and get into a scuffle with a merchant 
- Also, if the powder gangers win, some of them will start being equipped with service rifles
- Joe Cobb's Crew at Goodsprings will also have a dog with them