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It's basically a repost of my previous mod but I greatly upscaled it, and made my intensions clearer. I'm not a skilled modder, so do not expect much. It's greatly inspired from SOMA and it contains a lot of text. If you're a student in anthropology or in cultural studies, I hope you will find my mod helpful.

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This is a mod to help students in anthropology, in culture or even in human sciences. I wanted to help them by letting them play fallout new vegas and studying at the same time.

  I'm not really good at modding, so that's why I'll make this mod free to use to anyone who wants to create their own mods from mine. I also left a bunch of interiors in the mod files for you to use in your own mods. You won't even have to credit me. 

  If you want me to do more mods like that, or if you find it effective,  let me know, I'll take any advice. I plan to make a mod like this one with classes in medecine, but I don't know if I will have the time for it, and I will need to find medicine courses as well.

  It would be ideal if one of you made a video about it to narrate the text files, I think it could be helpful for students to watch a let's play and learn at the same time. But if you enjoy it, it's more than enough for me :)

  I could use some inspiration from you as well, around what topics should I make my mods? What do you study and what would be helpful to you? Let me know in the comments and in private messagery. 

  With that said, I wish you to be well and to take care of yourselves :-)

  ( I should mention that the entrance is in Novac, and still with the mysterious terminal. it also still contains a lot of issues such as the line "What is this place" instead of "Goodbye", and you still can't leave without console commands. So that's why if you want to make your own mod out of this one, you can, you are likely more skilled than me. You could make your own topics such as mathematics, physics, litterature and so on)