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Disables repairing while in combat.

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This mod uses a script to instantly check if the player is in combat. If you're in combat the repair button disappears and you can't repair! When you're out of combat the repair button reappears!

Version 1.1 works better than ever! I have set the QuestDelayTimer to 0.1 so it will trigger the instant you're in combat!

Cut Content:
Not being able to repair while enemies are nearby or while you're in combat is actually cut content from Fallout: New Vegas! There are unused game settings named "sNoRepairHostileActorsNear" and "sNoRepairInCombat" which also have accompanying in-game messages. I am unable to reuse these unused settings. 

In this mod, you can still repair if enemies are nearby but not while you're in combat. If anybody wants a version which restricts repairing while enemies are nearby, let me know and I'll make it!


Great for use with lStewieAl's 'Prevent Repair If Not At Workbench' tweak.

Thanks To:
Shoutout to HugePinball for their original Fallout 3 version which I used as a guide.