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Delay DLC for FNV and TTW 3.3, remade from the ground up

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This mod is a complete rebuild of Gribbleshnibit8's Delay DLC (or Delay DLC TTW).

It prevents the game's DLC from spamming the new game startup messages and requires you be near a given DLC's starting location to receive its quest. Compared to the original Delay DLC, Redux removes the level requirements, reduces the radius for most DLC start points, fixes a few bugs and unnecessary edits, changes all DLCs with Radio Broadcasts to require the player to listen to the broadcast before the quest will start, and has the word "Redux" added to its name.

Starting the DLC for Fallout: New Vegas works as follows:
  • Dead Money: The radio broadcast reaches to about Helios One and needs to be listened to for the quest to start.
  • Honest Hearts: The radio broadcast reaches down to about Freeside and needs to be listened to for the quest to start.
  • Old World Blues: The radio broadcast still plays across the Mojave for those who like the music, but the quest doesn't start until you listen to it near the Crashed Satellite.
  • Lonesome Road: Completing the other 3 DLCs' main quests will automatically start the quest with a message from Ulysses, but you may also simply walk to the Canyon Wreckage to begin the quest whenever you'd like.
  • GRA/Pre-Order Packs: There's nothing to start, but the mod removes the popup messages informing you the DLCs have been installed.

Starting Fallout 3's DLC in TTW works as follows:
  • The Pitt: The radio broadcast reaches to about Oasis and needs to be listened to for the quest to start.
  • Operation Anchorage: The radio broadcast is active within the ruins surrounding Bailey's Crossroads and needs to be listened to for the quest to start.
  • Broken Steel: Automatically starts after completing the main quest (note that TTW 3.3 plays the original game's ending if you complete it in Hardcore mode and activate the purifier yourself).
  • Point Lookout: Walking south past the Citadel should start the quest when you get close enough to the Riverboat to hear the ship's horn.
  • Mothership Zeta: The radio broadcast reaches to about the MDPL-13 Power Station and needs to be listened to for the quest to start.

There are also optional files for both FNV and TTW that place the Pre-Order Pack items in the world instead of giving them all to you at the start of the game. Don't use it with something else that does the same thing like the jsawyer mod (or sawyerbatty for TTW). The TTW file places the items in both Wastelands, so you can grab them starting out in either of them.

The items are placed in the following locations:
  • Caravan Pack: Hell's Motel (NV) | Big Town, Clinic Basement (DC)
  • Classic Pack: Wrecked Highwayman (NV) | In a wrecked car south of Megaton (DC)
  • Mercenary Pack: Bradley's Shack (NV) | Talon Company Camp (DC)
  • Tribal Pack: Lucky Jim Mine House (NV) | Outside of Springvale School (DC)

Additionally, this mod should only be used on a new save, don't replace the original Delay DLC with this mod!