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Adds a brand new NCR themed armor to the Mojave that can be found at the NCR Safehouse.

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This mod adds a brand new unique NCR themed armor to the Mojave Wasteland.
It comes in three versions backpack, no backpack, and an optional file with the old textures since I hide the older mod page.
The armor can be found in the NCR Safehouse on the right metal shelf. The key to the safehouse can be obtained after getting the reputation of "Liked".

This is our take on a unique variant of the NCR Ranger Combat Armor and should fit nicely into the in-game world.

I highly recommend any handheld pipboy replacer as the armor doesn't have support arm mounted pipboys.

I highly recommend either the
Pip-Boy 2000
Pipboy Readius

Dragbody For the rigging most of the assets.

ZZJay For the original base textures.

Ahz For rigging the backpack mesh and having the amazing policy of open asset perms.

Do0m3d1804 For asking me to make the armor and Geck world placement.

Hossein Diba For the pant, shoe, and belt 3d models that Dragbody rigged.

Clayvn For the header screenshot.