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Some changes to the Honest Hearts DLC to I made to suit my liking

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This mod includes changes to the Honest Hearts DLC that attempts to strike a balance between Vanilla Plus experience and complete overhaul. I added things where they would make sense to be and restored cut content. I'm planning to add more foliage, NPCs, factions, encounters, areas, dungeons, restore more cut content, and choices to add to player agency. Most of these I made because they were things I wanted to see added to the DLC that no one else had made, and I've decided to upload in order to keep track of my progress as I regularly update it. It's still very rudimentary as it's in an Alpha stage at the moment, but I have lots of ambitious plans for the mod, so track it if you want to stay up to date.

Installation: Install normally through MO2 or manually by simply extracting it to the Fallout New Vegas/Data/ Folder.

Requirements: since it's in such an early stage NVAC is a soft requirement that I'm recommending because if you don't you'll likely crash very often, but you should have NVAC installed by now anyway.

Compatibility: This mod edits lots of areas so it will probably be incompatible with mods that edit the Ranger Stations, Southern Passage, Dead Horses' Camp, etc.
Honest Hearts Reborn: This is incompatible with Honest Hearts Reborn. HHR recompiles all scripts and deletes markers that the vanilla DLC relies on, so you shouldn't have it installed anyway.
Authentic Burned Man: The mod author himself stated this mod will not work if you marked Joshua’s armor or headwrap as playable, so sorry about that.

Warning: This mod is still extremely alpha, don't expect it to work perfectly, install at your own risk!!!!.