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Fixes certain textures ENB will treat as transparent due to mishandled alpha channels. Alleviating the need for the FixTransparencyBugs=false setting in ENB. This allows the use of version 0.173 of ENB, hardware anti-aliasing, and no more transparent wall textures occurring at places like inside the Resort House at Camp Golf.

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This is a very small mod that fixes the longstanding issue of ENB treating certain textures as partially, mostly, or completely transparent. It's more of an issue with textures than with ENB itself.

This is most obvious with the wall textures in the Resort House at Camp Golf, but crops up in other areas too, most notably the roofs inside Repconn Headquarters, the Sunset Sarsaparilla Bottling Plant, and others.

I took inspiration from this mod to try and fix these issues for New Vegas. Please see the screenshots there for what I mean.

You might be thinking that this mod is completely redundant due to the FixTransparencyBugs=false setting in enblocal.ini

However, this setting was only available after version 0.173 of ENB was released, IIRC.

If you're not a fan of the various methods of post-processing anti-aliasing you can inject into the game via ReShade, SweetFX, ENB, etc., then probably partial to a hardware/driver-based method of using MSAA, or SGSSAA. How does this random blurb factor in?

Well, certain changes were made after version 0.173 of ENB so that forcing hardware AA via Nvidia Inspector or something similar caused undesirable artefacts, leading to the reliance on Post AA methods instead, of which again, I am not particularly fond.

So for fans of the more hardware-based methods of AA by using 0.173 of ENB, you've had to deal with no ENBoost for handling large textures (causing crashes/stuttering) and the transparent walls issue at Camp Golf and other locations, or you've had to suck it up and use a more recent version of ENB and try to mitigate horrible jaggies with Post AA or brute-force supersampling via DSR/VSR.

The former issue has basically entirely been fixed with the bModifyDirectXBehavior=1 setting in NVTF, while the latter has gone largely unsolved unless using a recent version of ENB, *Trey Parker dumb overly serious voice* until now.

Only Vanilla replacements are available at this time.

Please see the Articles section on how to fix transparency issues in other mod packs like NMC.