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Expands the chaos of the New Vegas Randomizer to the Capital Wasteland!

Permissions and credits
  • In the Current State of the Mod, Everything Should be Completely Functional When Starting in Either the Capital or Mohave Wasteland and Playing in the Mohave. The Rest of the Capital Wasteland is Next on the Agenda.
  • Total pool of creatures that are randomized now includes all creatures exclusive to Fallout 3 (Including some crazy ones like Liberty Primes{health nerfed} and Chimera Tanks)
  • Creature spawns (only Vault 101, the surrounding area, Tenpenny Tower, and GNR are fully complete on the Fallout 3 side)
  • Randomized perk levels now include all perks from Fallout 3
  • S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats and tagged skills are randomized at the Capital Wasteland start (can still be changed) (has only been tested when skipping the goat exam)
  • All of the optional randomizer choices now function in the Capital Wasteland
  • Weather now adds Fallout 3 elements, such as anchorage and point lookout
  • Randomized the inventories of NPCs from Fallout 3 (only Vault 101, the surrounding area, Tenpenny Tower, and GNR are completely done)
  • Includes Fallout 3 exclusive items in the pool of items used for containers and inventories
  • Applied the randomizer to Fallout 3 containers (Unfinished)
  • Applied the randomizer to Fallout 3 quest rewards (Unfinished)

  • Fallout: New Vegas with all DLC and Fallout 3 with all DLC (A clean install of these if TTW hasn't been installed)
  • Tale of Two Wastelands, a guide for setting this up can be found here
  • New Vegas Script Extender with JIP LN NVSE Plugin
  • The NV Randomizer, which I would recommend with the weapon nerf
  • This mod can then be installed via mod manager or manually
  • Place TTWRandomizer.esp and CreatureMoverTTWtoRandomizer.esp below the NV Randomizer in your load order

Thanks for Checking Out the Mod!

  • This is my first time creating a mod so any feedback is appreciated!

A Special Thank You To
  • The Tale of Two Wastelands Team
  • The NVSE Team
  • jazzisparis for the JIP LN NVSE Plugin
  • trashgarbage666 for the NV Randomizer
  • and JimboUK for the NVRNG weapon nerf