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New sprint animations for JAM/Just Sprint, compatible and recommended to use with weapon animation mods

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You may've seen with default JAM sprint animations an ugly transition from idle to sprint, this is my take on the issue by simply remaking these animations by using just one bone, that way no matter what animation mod You might be using, or even if You are a vanilla 'enjoyer' You wont see this issue

Featuring animations for:
  • 1hg - 3rd
  • 1hp - 1st/3rd
  • 1ht - 3rd
  • 1hu - 3rd
  • 2ha - 1st/3rd
  • 2hh - 1st
  • 2hl - 3rd
  • 2hm - 3rd
  • 2hr - 1st/3rd 
    1st: 1stperson

3rd: 3rdperson

Not all animations were remade for now, simply because it wasnt needed to do so, made this mod mostly for custom idles to have seamless transition and 3rd person is just a bonus, You can delete them if You dont like them.

Yvileapsis for JAM
Xilandro , visualcore , AnirbanTheBest , Sigerious , RageNClear , Hitman47101 for the feedback