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Adds more scenery and a few new NPCs to the Mojave Outpost to make it feel more alive.

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Even with mods like Uncut Wasteland and The Living Desert, the Mojave Outpost still feels a little lifeless, especially for what should be a major border crossing for the NCR. On the other hand, mods I've used to try and liven things up more often go overboard, overcrowding the area or adding unnecessary bloat content. I decided to make my own Mojave Outpost "facelift" and keep it as simple as possible: no new dialogues, no scripts, no navmesh edits, no new assets, just a vanilla expansion.

So far I've only touched up the exterior of the Outpost. There's a new NCR flag flying high above the barracks along with some other new set dressing, as well as an outdoor camp for travelers and a workbench for tinkerers (and players, mostly players). There's five new NPCs to be found too, waiting for the slow wheels of the NCR's bureaucracy to turn and let them on their way, along with a whole three (three!) new brahmin. I plan to expand these edits further later and spruce up the interiors as well.

This should be compatible with anything that doesn't completely overhaul the Mojave Outpost. Feel free to make compatibility patches or modify this further if you'd like.

Known Issues:
  • I didn't modify any navmeshes, and while most of my additions are out of the way of NPCs and unintrusive, there are a few points where they may get briefly stuck. This usually fixes itself quickly and is fairly rare anyway.


Special thanks to BlooperReel and Qolore for inspiration on making this, especially Mojave Outpost Redesigned.