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Updated interface icons for the Valence-Radii headgear items in Old World Blues.

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I'm currently playing through OWB and just realized that Obsidian really cheaped out on the icons for the Tri-Radii and Valence-Radii headgear items, so I spent the day getting these updated. These come in four versions which are default, Complete Vault Girl Interface, bigcman123's Vault Girl Interface Version aka "Vault Meat" and Azazel, The Curious Angel from Helltaker.

Drag & drop the data folder into your Fallout New Vegas root directory.

Delete the files named "nvdlc03apparel_orbitting_helmet1" and nvdlc03apparel_orbitting_helmet3" located in Data/Textures/NVDLC03/Interface/Icons.

These files will overwrite any previous textures you may have installed. Be sure to double check and back up any files in case you want to roll back. Otherwise this will definitely play nice. No performance hits or game altering code present.

Gilboron, Bigcman123 and Shadbase for the original Vault Girl icons, and Vanripper for the Azazel artwork (Helltaker is awesome and free btw, go download it!)

As always, thanks for taking a look and / or downloading!