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This mod adds a faithful recreation of the classic AK-112 assault rifle from Fallout 1 and 2 to the Mojave, with custom meshes, 4K textures, sounds, icons, and leveled list integration.

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The AK-112 assault rifle was developed by Colt sometime in the early 21st century, and adopted by the US armed forces. However, by the time of the Great War, it was outdated and had been replaced by more modern firearms. The design includes an extremely heavy, blocky aluminum receiver which serves to make the gun very sturdy and accurate at range, but at the cost of weight and bulk. The gun fires the high-velocity 5mm service cartridge, which has excellent armor penetration but lacks the effectiveness of more conventional rifle rounds, and tends to quickly erode chamber throats due to the high velocities. The top-mounted ejection port was considered problematic for occasionally hitting the shooter with falling brass or throwing it into the path of the projectiles. Despite its shortcomings, the AK-112's main advantage is the ability to place shots in sub-MOA groups even when fired on full auto due to the negligible recoil especially when equipped with a compensator, minimal harmonic resonance, and ability to quickly absorb and dissipate heat due to the gun's bulk, as well as the ability to accept 100-round extended magazines to dramatically improve sustained firepower.

Most of what is known about the AK-112 was ascertained from the description in Fallout 1 and 2, and the fact that it was made by Colt comes from the gun's description in the original Fallout demo. The rest is from the gun's behavior in the mod.


  • Custom Mesh
  • Custom 4K textures
  • Custom firing sound
  • Custom icon
  • Custom script effects
  • 2 attachments: An extended magazine and a compensator
  • Appropriate form list and leveled list additions


The gun is balanced to do slightly more damage than the vanilla assault carbine, but fire slightly slower so it has roughly equivalent DPS. However, it is much more accurate than the assault carbine, and has a special scripted effect which makes the gun's critical hit chance increase by 5% every time you fire it at an enemy, up to a maximum of 95% after 19 shots. This makes the gun extremely powerful when used in extended combat engagements against multiple targets. The bonus resets after you leave combat.

  • Base damage: 16
  • Base DPS: 160
  • Base critical damage: 2x
  • Critical chance bonus: +5% with every shot
  • Magazine capacity: 24 (100 with extended mag)
  • Base spread: 0.1 (0.01 with compensator)
  • Base weight: 8 lbs
  • Base value: 4250 caps
  • Repair type: Assault Carbine


The gun and its mods are sold by the Gun Runners and Mick of Mick and Ralph's, and can be occasionally found on NPCs who normally carry assault carbines. There is also one on the front desk in the Jacobstown Lodge.


Meshes, textures, and icon made by TactaGhoul. Sounds are from Fallout.