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This mod adds weight to all weightless items, which includes currency. It also adjusts the weights of a few weighted items that are related to the (previously) weightless items.

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This mod adds weights to all weightless items (except for Caravan cards because there is like 250 of them and ain’t nobody got time for that). It also adjusts weights to very few items that already had weight. These are items generally used in (weightless or low-weight) recipes and the changes were made to make a little more sense of things.

I did not change the values of any items. There are other mods that tweak item weights AND attempt to adjust the economy but I just wanted to focus on weights here.

Before anyone complains that I made this or that too heavy, please keep in mind that one of my own mods reduces carry weight to 30+5*ST so I’m not going to have a lot of sympathy. :P

The only established mod with which I play is JSawyer Classic. All other mods I have used over the years have been my own creation. This mod seems to work fine with JSawyer Classic. I double checked the changelog and did not see any significant changes to any weightless or other affected items. I think this mod might revert Bitter Drink to the original heal values instead of JSawyer’s, but I did not consider it important enough to check.

This mod requires all DLCs. I am using the GOG version of Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition.

Quest Items

Many quest items are weightless and I left them that way. It just did not seem worth it to filter through a bunch of junk you are just going to pick up to drop somewhere else.

Ammunition Components

It is literally impossible to balance this algebraically based off the weight of a complete cartridge. Partly this is because all ballistic ammo of one caliber all weigh the same despite having a different proportion of components. So, I had to work it out a little more abstractly. However, I did research the real weights of some of these components and I do not believe I am horribly far off. The general methodology is as follows. The total components for a cartridge should not weigh more than a complete cartridge. And since the components are basically useless on their own, having their combined weight being less than a total cartridge is at least fair. Primers, casings, and powder now have weight, along with lead. Lead should generally not be more than half the weight of the cartridge. Casings are set at about one third of the weight of the cartridge. The weights of primers and powder are pretty negligible, but do add up in larger quantities. I did not math it out for every single cartridge, but I tested a fair number and the total components all came out to slightly less than the actual cartridge weight.

Drained energy weapon ammo now has weight (the same as charged ammo). I’m no rocket surgeon, but I am pretty sure that energy is basically weightless and mass has weight. This does create a weird situation where optimized ammo actually weighs less than drained ammo, but since you are running around a futuristic 1950s post-apocolyptic wasteland firing lasers and plasma with reckless abandon, this energy ammo weight thing is hardly the place to draw the line. Sorry not sorry.

Weapon Mods

All kits weigh 2lbs. While this means that some kits weigh more than the source weapon, once you factor in the packaging with styrofoam insert, instructions, manufacturer’s catalog, coupons, a couple allen wrenches, and what seems to be extra parts, 2lbs. is fair. Odds are you are not stockpiling mods anyway. Mods probably do not need weight (I use them as soon as I buy them), but I wanted to be thorough.

Known error: Weapon mods are showing as having weight, but not the 2lbs. that has been set by the GECK. This is being researched.


All money now has weight. I based it off of approximations of real world equivalents, for lack of better logic.

Caps are .005, all NCR bills are .002, Legion money is either .01 or .02 depending on denomination. Pre-war money (i.e. a stack of bills) is now .01.

Money is weird. You cannot see caps in your Pipboy inventory, but now that they have weight, you can see them in the container view.
NCR/Legion can be seen in both the Pipboy and container view.

Casino chips are also weird. Apparently, it is not possible to tack a weight on them with the GECK. So, if you want to cheat around currency weights, you could technically deposit all your money at a casino and cash out when you want to go shopping. However, if you are that kind of lame, then you are probably not the type to be interested in this mod.

Known error: Money is extra weird. The NCR/Legion money object in the GECK doesn't correspond to the money object in the game. Putting weight on the object in the GECK has no effect on the object in game. This is being researched.

Miscellaneous Items

Anything with no weight now has weight. Surgical tubing adjusted to 0.2 as it affects the snakebite tourniquet. Empty soda bottles and coffee mugs now weigh 0.5 due to their recipes. I did not bother with the other miscellaneous clutter with no significant use that already have bizarre weights. I figured it was not really worth the effort.


I did not want to faff about too much with realism here, but instead focused on pragmatism and balance. All chems weigh 0.15 (a couple ounces) per dose. I know that Turbo is basically huffing a spray paint can and Mentats is just a pill, but I did not think this was worth splitting hairs over. Empty jet containers are slightly lighter than full ones. Bitter drink now has weight (the same as a super stim, I believe). So does anti-venom.


Did you know that the weight of a magazine varies wildly based on numerous factors? A Vogue magazine could be up to 4lbs. while an issue of PC Magazine might be a quarter pound. Or, if you’re in a civilized country, that’s 1.81kg and 0.11kg respectively. I think one third of a pound (0.15kg) is fair, especially since we’re just reading them for the articles, right?

That should just about cover it. If you find anything weird (especially with how ammo works out), please post it. I’ll probably actually keep an eye on this one for a bit and update if needed.