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For now, eyes alert, watch the streets below. There's still life in the Divide - threats other than the storms and wind... new inhabitants.

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"For now, eyes alert, watch the streets below. There's still life in the Divide - threats other than the storms and wind... new inhabitants." - Ulysses

So, I think it's safe to say that this mod is pretty self-explanatory just by name alone, but for those of you who like reading - well, keep on reading.

This mod adds in female members to the Marked Men of Lonesome Road. Why, do you ask? Well. It's very simple: The NCR's military, on average, has a 50% female staff percentage, with a lot of officers in the Mojave being female. So why were there suddenly no females in The Divide?

I've seen a lot of pretty bad explanations: One being that maybe the ghoulification worked like the FEV on Super Mutants, removing all distinction? Pretty bad and half-assed as an explanation to be frank, as ghoulification doesn't do that at all. I mean, hello? Beatrice, anyone?

Another one I saw was that maybe the Marked Men ate all the women? I don't see that happening either, as why would the male NCR Troopers/Rangers eat their women before they eat the Legion, their sworn enemy?

Like I said: Bad fan theories.

In fact, there are no explanations towards this at all in game, and I really didn't like that. So, here we are.

With this mod, in The Divide, you will find female members of the Marked Men out and about where ever Marked Men groups can be found, operating in roles such as regular soldiers to assassins and snipers. And, like their male counterparts, they also follow their own ranking structure:

Bellator (Regular Soldiers)

Venatrix (Snipers)

Virago (Berserkers)

Sicarius (Assassins)

Vixen (Mini-Bosses) 

And, as an added treat, I also placed a few at Long 15 if you decide to say "Fuck that place."

Even better? They are voiced! No female lines exist in vanilla so, as per my modus operandi, I wrote unique voice lines for them and had them voiced. Their actress, a moderator/staff member and soon to be admin of the Nukapedia, stepped in to claim the mantle! Credits below. Thank you Katy Webb! :D

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Special Thanks to:
Katy Webb - Voicing the Female Marked Men
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