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Adds a Desert Eagle in a Carbine configuration to the game

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a Carbine version the Desert Eagle to the game
The idea behind the design is adding a Desert Eagle in a configuration that would be suitable for hunting/Target shooting
The gun itself isn't really based on any real-world design although Desert Eagle Carbines do exist!

The base gun (12.7mm) and attachments are added to the leveled list so it can be found on enemies and at venders
however you can converted the gun at a workbench to use .357 Magnum or .44 Magnum
!!!!WARNING make sure to remove any the Modifications to the gun before changing the ammo type otherwise they will disappear!!!!

the stats are as followed 
Value - 4000 caps
weight - 9
base damage based on caliber 
>40 (12.7mm) 
>36 (.44 Magnum)
>26 (.357 Magnum)

Extended Magazine
Extended Barrel
A Scope

Asurah Reanimation Pack is highly recommended for the grip Animation to work but not ultimately required

Any and all credit goes to Millenia and hitman as they made everything here in this mod and all I did was mash it all together!
to my knowledge all the assets in this mods are from free to modify and upload content which is why I'm uploading this mod!