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New kNVSE set for Assault Rifle for TTW & FO3 Weapons Restoration. Custom inpect anims available now.

Permissions and credits

Frozen's Assault Rifle kNVSE
Anim set for TTW & FO3 Weapon Restoration mod

Idles & Ironsight Idle
Equip & Unequip
Reload & Partial Reload
Supports ISControl
Custom inspects

HARD Requirements
xNVSE ver. 6.2.4 or newer
kNVSE ver. 20 or newer

SOFT Requirements
lStewieAl's Tweaks with bAutoWeaponNoFiringDelay = 1 (VERY IMPORTANT)
TTW or FO3 Weapons Restoration
Patch the weapons with SNIFF (TutorialOR
└ Anniversary Anim Pack or Iron Sights Recoil Animations
B42 Inspect for inspecting weapons

Weapons of the New Millenia
Weapons of Our Millenia
HK G3SG1 by Millenia
Tammer's NIF-Bashed Weapons Mega-Pack
Weapons Of The New Millenia And MTindle COMPLETE Pack

Manually drag'n'drop to your data folder or use mod mangaer. 

If you have issues with the disappearance of a part of weapon during animation
when approaching the camera, then lower Near Distance Clipping value in FOV Slider

Kormakur for kNVSE and assistance
Johnsonn for his rigs, tutorials and assistance
rockbiter68 for great guidance
Anirvana for awesome screens & video
Sigerious for helping me to get started and pleasant company
Xolerys for assistence
Audixas for assistence
EmDee for assistence
RageNClear for assistence
SandalDaniel for assistence