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Adds several buildings for the NPCs of the 188 Trading Post to inhabit in classic Fallout 1/2 adobe style

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The 188 Trading Post has always seemed quite nonsensical to me in contrast to a lot of the rest of the game's locations. While the lore we're given states that most of the current residents moved in shortly before the start of the game, it would still have been a major thoroughfare for traffic between Hoover Dam and New Vegas, as well as much of the rest of the Mojave. Why then is it nothing more than a collection of rusted-out prewar vehicles and dirty mattresses? Since much of the traffic in the area would have been NCR-affiliated since their takeover of the dam, and as a longtime user of Classic Adobe Buildings in Mojave, I thought that classic sandcrete structures would make sense and give it a bit more life. I've added a small NCR barracks, a building for the 188 Slop & Shop, and a storefront for the Gun Runners. 

Hopefully the 188 can now be less of an eyesore, and more of a destination.

This was just a quick little mod made in my ever-shrinking off-time, so don't expect any significant updates or even a great deal of support.

Resources Used
Sandcrete Architecture by TrickyVein
Retextures for Sandcrete Architecture from Classic Adobe Buildings in Mojave by Brayduck
Dry Canyon by TrickyVein

Install with your preferred mod manager (I recommend MO2, because it's brilliant) and enable the plugin.
A new game is required for the NPCs to behave properly and for certain objects to be in the right place. This is because I've moved persistent references, which are stored in your save, and they won't be updated if you try to load it on a current save.
Don't forget to run LODGen so the buildings are visible from a distance.

Likely at least soft-incompatible with most mods which edit the 188 Trading Post or any of the NPCs placed there. I recommend at least a cursory glance over things in xEdit to figure out what conflicts.
I've provided patches for the mods that I personally use, but I won't be providing any support beyond that.
However, if you've made a patch for another mod I'd be happy to host it in my files section on this page, just send me a DM.