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tasty - edgeuk90 - friendlynonmurderingsort

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Replaces the uglier blocky cars with high quality models! Unique highwayman wreck! No explosive version included!

Permissions and credits
Replaces the ugliest blocky cars with high-quality models made by the talented EdgeUK90 and converted to work with FNV by tasty. Replacers done by yours truly.

What it does

Replaces car01.nif, car02.nif, and carbodystatic.nif with models fitting the classic fallout retrofuturistic aesthetic. Also replaces the wrecked highwayman with a unique model and adds fallout 2's highwayman music to the site for all the boomers out there. The new models look way better than the vanilla blocky hulks and despite however many changes fallout 4 made I didn't like, the aesthetics and art direction were next level! EdgeUK90's cars fit just in with all of that!

This mod does not touch car10 and the yellow, blue, rusted hulks as they all already look quite good, especially with Ojo or NMC.

Includes a version under optional files that does away with that annoying exploding effect for the cars changed, other vehicles, like the motorcycles, will still blow up.

BIG thanks to 
EdgeUK90 for permission to use the cars from his additional scrap cars mod
Tasty on discord for converting the meshes for me!

Known issues/eccentricities

  • Collision is not perfect, it will be hard to shoot through the windows and place objects in cars. Vanilla car hulk mesh collision was used as the converted models had none, meaning you would be able to walk right through them. This is a happy compromise.
  • Textures do not reflect light from pipboy or flashlight NVSE at night. I do not know what's up but I assume it has to do with the fallout 4 style .dds files or something with the mesh. 

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