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Reduces the amount of common loot in New Vegas.

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One of my criticisms about the game is I feel like the game is too forgiving when it comes to loot.
There's plenty of food and water on fridges and sacks, it made the hardcore meters feel redundant.
With enough ammo you can find from mainly ammo boxes, Scrounger feels pointless for the most part.
And finally, there's plenty of stimpaks to keep yourself alive, so much RadAway on first aid boxes radation doesn't mean much.
Coupled together it makes the game feel like a cake walk for me, even in hardcore mode.

With this mod, the amount food and medical supplies from common containers are now reduced and the chances for them to appear are now more slimmer. You'll find yourself more hard-pressed to find a decent source of food and aid items from looting. Ammo from loot is now halved, giving more incentive to conserve ammunition, emphasis on using Scrounger and spending caps to keep yourself loaded. In addition, non-chem aid items now have weight, so you'll have to be careful when carrying a lot of them.

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