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Legacy Reborn aims to overhaul all landscape (and more) textures across both Fallout 3 and New Vegas, while retaining their vanilla essence.

Permissions and credits

Legacy Reborn aims to overhaul all landscape (and more) textures across both Fallout 3 and New Vegas, while retaining their vanilla essence. What exactly does this mean? Many texture packs like to make radically large visual differences, and while this isn't necessarily bad I find that the soul of Fallout 3 and New Vegas can get lost in all the new visuals. Legacy Reborns mission statement is simple: Keep the essence of vanilla, but in a modern quality standard. Almost all textures share a similar visual profile to their vanilla counterparts, with some exceptions being made for textures and objects that were already visually ambiguous in the base game. The core of this texture pack revolves around landscape textures, however a few extra goodies have been thrown in out of an urge to create them, such as concrete quads, roads, and some architecture pieces. Oh, and did I mention this mod covers all DLC? All new-worlds DLC across both Fallout 3 and New Vegas are covered by this pack, meaning every square inch of your game should receive a graphical update.

Q: Does this work with TTW? Can I use this with JUST New Vegas, or JUST Fallout 3?
A: Yes, and yes! This pack has been entirely designed around working no matter what your setup is, be it both games separately, or both games at once.

Q: What resolution is the pack in? Which should I download?
A: The pack is separated into 3 quality presets; "High", "Medium", and "Low". "High" is almost entirely 2K, "Low" is almost entirely 1K, and "Medium" is a mix of 2K and 1K. These naturally should scale to your PC specs, lower end PC's should aim for "Low", higher end PC's should aim for "High".

Q: What's the compatibility of this mod? Does it need any patches?
A: Naturally, as a texture pack it will overwrite other texture packs already installed. I personally suggest installing this over something like NMC's, as this mod doesn't cover everything. This mod shouldn't need any additional patches, and is pre-patched for LODgen and other LOD resources.

Q: What's the hit to performance? Is there a frame rate drop?
A: This largely depends on your system. Using the higher version, I personally notice no framerate drop even with an ENB and weather mod, however some people may notice drops on lower end systems while using the higher quality versions.

Q: Is this landscapes exclusive? Can you retexture 'x' object?
A: This mod started out with landscapes as the main focus, but as work was done on it the mod was expanded to include some other game assets. In the future I may expand upon non-landscape related assets, however there's no promises.

Simply drag and drop the contents of the mod into your games "Data" folder, and activate with the mod manager of your choice. Alternatively, install directly through Mod Organizer 2. You will need to regenerate your LOD with whichever LOD program you see fit.

Ensure you have Archive Invalidation enabled!

This mod contains  high quality assets. They are at a higher resolution and less of a compression than the base game. This WILL cause instability and crashes if your game isn't utilizing advancements made by the community such as: 

4GB Patch (Steam Users)

Stewies Engine Optimizations

DXVK (Optional but added stability)

Tick Fix with "bModifyDirectXBehavior = 0"  changed to "bModifyDirectXBehavior = 1".

If you're not using these, reports of crashes and instability will not be entertained.

Nexus Users:
Marcurios - Rock Assets
Clayvn - Mesh Fixes
DynexTheSergal - Mesh Fixes

Texture Resources:
32cm/Dave Casal
Erica Grenci

All assets and resources used in this mod have been incorporated with expressed permissions, or while ensuring proper legal usage has been acquired and specified.