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Small mod to streamline the WRP file structure and meshes to no longer require an ESP, as well as some minor bug fixes, patches, and optional extras.

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When Millenia was nice enough to make her mods all open source, I had this spectacular idea to make a fully scripted version of WRP - with every weapon configurable via an INI file. Well I got about halfway through that when I realized it was a pretty dumb/over-the-top idea. So instead, I just used Sniff and NifSkope to restore the vanilla file structure and remove the need for an ESP. There is also a JIP Script Runner file to fix a couple vanilla texture set bugs without the need for an ESP. No more JSUE users complaining about the varmint rifle still being 5.56! I'll provide my scripted version of the mod in the misc files in case anyone is insane enough to pick it up, but it's an insanely tedious workflow I wouldn't wish on anyone. Fun idea tho

Bug Fixes/Extras:
This was done a bit ago so I don't remember all the details, but I fixed every mesh bug I came across (5.56 pistol, That Gun, Rat-Slayer, and Thump-Thump to name the ones I specifically remember). I also made a quick file to remove the annoying peep sight from the Cowboy Repeater - all while still keeping WMIM's mesh fixes and WRP's textures.

If you know of any other bugs in WRP or have any similar patch/feature requests, let me know and I'll see what I can do

Requires xNVSE, JIP LN, JohnnyGuitar NVSE

ISController is highly recommended

All credit goes to Millenia, go endorse her original mod