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Adds Brandon Herreras Kalashnibren to the Mojave!

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What is up you sexy Nexus motherlovers!

today I bring to you one of Brandons lovely meme guns!
The Kalashnibren!!!
I tried to configure this to look as close to his IRL gun but I did take some creative liberties with some things

the gun comes with 3 mods 
>a Suppressor - Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet
>Extended magazine - adds an RPK mag giving you 45 rounds
>Light Parts - swaps the wood grips and stock with plastic ones as well as a wire stock

the gun is also Added to Leveled lists so it can be found on enemies and venders 
the mods can be bought from the Gunrunners Vendortron

I've also added a Patch for Heffys AKs and AR15s Weapons Pack making the Kalashnibren use 7.62×39mm instead of 5mm!

you'll also need an animation mod that adds a Vertical handgrip 
I'd recommend Asurahs as that what I used for it.

Any and all credit goes to MilleniaHeffy. and hitman47101as they made everything here in this mod and all I did was stitch it all together!
to my knowledge Millenias mods are free to modify and upload which is why I'm uploading this mod!

special thank you to user826 for his blender and weapon mod tutorials!!!
And a special thank you to Squidfest for helping me learn how to add items to Leveled lists!!!
and thanks to RageNClear for inspiring me to make this with his Kalashnibrenkov concept!

Have Fun :D