Fallout New Vegas
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A simple mod add 7 unique Trait.

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This mod add 7 Special Trait to player:

Now with Balanced update!
Balanced  version:

While you as a soldier, you gain +1 Strength, melee weapon and unarmed skill +5. 
As bonus, your carry weight +25, and can ignore 5 DT when attck an enemy.
However, you're not really smart, your crit damage is 40% lower, and action point cost 25% higher. 
You also don't care about guns and fancy energy weapons.

While you as a sheriff, you get +1 Perception, and your energy weapon and gun skills +5. 
As bonus, you fire 20% more accurate and faster. 
However, you can't handle the big guns and lock pick, and you're not really Endurance. 
And your DT-5, and carry weight -25.

While as a Survivalist, you gain +1 on Endurance, and your explosives and survival skill +5. 
As bonus, you have 5 DT and +30 action point. 
However, because you are really dirty so you Charisma -1, and you can't handle Speech and Barter. 
And your VATS hit chance is 20% lower and 20% shorter range.

While you as a merchant, your Charisma +1, your speech and barter skill +5. 
As bonus, your can buy stuff 20% cheaper and you can run 30% faster. 
However, you are terrible at repair and science and you are not good at learing new things, 
and you don't really believe in luck(Luck-1, crit chance -3%).

While you as a scientist, you gain +1 Intelligence and your Medicine and science skill +5. 
As bonus, you gain 3 bonus skill ponits while level up and your action point cost 20 percent lower. 
However Sneak and Explosive aren't in your mind, 
and your fire 20% less accurate and 20% slower becuase you prefer peace. 
And your perception -1 due to reading in the dark too much.

While as a Theift, your Agility +1, your lockpick and sneak skill +5. 
As bonus, your equip speed and reload speed are 15% faster. 
However you ain't so strong and easiler get limb conditions and max life -30, 
also you don't have medicine and survival in your mind.

While you as a Gambler, your Luck +1, 
and your heavy weapon and repair skill +5. As bonus, your crit chance +3%, and enemy crit chance -25%. 
However, your melee skill is terrible and you have to pay 30% more to buy stuff and 20% easier to get addiction.
And you aren't so agile.

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