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Properly smooths out the shape of one of the rougher shaped hats in the game.

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So, lots of people hit the smoothing modifier and call it a day. This is how you get garbage or the "TWB - CBBE Vanilla HighPoly Overhaul" that made FO4 mod of the month earlier the year I initially wrote this mod page.

  • Step 1: Weld seams, apply smoothing groups (very important, can't do in Blender)
  • Step 2: Change the tris into quads. Basically removes the diagonal line from the squares that make up the mesh. Didn't work cleanly on the small part at the top but okay.
  • Step 3: Smooth, pushing the button that makes it pay attention to smoothing groups.
  • Step 4: ???
  • Step 5: Profi--wait no, Conformulator to make the EGM files. Then send the files to a few friends to try out and then forget you were going to share it with the general public (that's you, the person reading this).
  • Step 6 is wait for someone to make a good retexture that isn't completely uniform across the entire hat I guess?

Original: 673 vertices,   1,300 triangles,  23 KB,  not skinned
Mine:      1,429 1414 vertices, 2,228 2124 triangles, 145 142 KB, properly skinned and conformulated

No performance hit

Highly recommended: Heaviin's Desperado Hat Retextured