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A shovel that can't be lost, sold, stored, or taken

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To be honest, I made this just so I wouldn't keep losing my shovel by mistake (usually when selling loot to a merchant).

"El Sepulturero" (Spanish for "the gravedigger") isn't actually cursed - it's just a unique shovel flagged as a quest item, meaning that it can't be sold, dropped, transferred, or taken from your inventory. Once you pick it up, you'll be stuck with it -- so choose carefully! (Ordinary shovels have not been changed.)


In your grave in Goodsprings Cemetery, of course!


I didn't test every scenario in the game, but I can confirm that:

  • It opens graves
  • It can't be dropped
  • It isn't visible in the Weapons tab when selling to vendors
  • The Strip casinos don't remove it when entering
  • Even Father Elijah can't remove it when you start Dead Money!


Just the base game.


Loading this mod below YUP worked fine for me.

This mod won't be compatible with any mod that changes the script GraveContScript. However if that mod is an alternate solution to using shovels (like Shovels R Dumm), then you shouldn't need this mod anyway.


The following mods are not required, but are highly recommended for a stable playthrough.

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