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Adds functional Explosive Collars that can be crafted and equipped on companions or reverse-pickpocketed on to NPCs in order to gain their compliance. Or else.

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This is an updated and standalone version of the Explosive Collars I originally created for my mod Masters of the Madre with the benefit of playtesting, optimization and additional bugfixes. This is for users who might want to play around with these for fun or just want this weapon in their game without any additional bloat from that mod.

Adds craftable Explosive Collars that can be reverse-pickpocketed onto unsuspecting NPCs or equipped on your companions to make them your begrudging accomplices (or disposable assets). Have them follow you and, when their usefulness has expired or they become a liability, blow their heads off simultaneously using a linked Detonator.

Upon equipping an actor with one of these collars, you gain the special Compliance Detonator perk which allows you to activate them to give commands like telling them to follow you, trade items, wait for your return or, if you're feeling merciful, remove the collar and set them free. You can even order them to take up position anywhere you indicate or order them to attack any target you indicate by placing your reticle over it and pressing the activate key. To order an entire group to take up position somewhere, simply aim down sights at the desired spot with your Detonator. They won't prevent you from hiring any full Companions so you can have as many of them as you like but the trade-off is they don't automatically heal after every combat and they won't be essential even outside of Hardcore Mode. Think of them like Jokers from Payday 2. Gear them up and send them into a horde of enemies while you hang back. If they fall in combat, you can just detonate their collars to damage the enemies in the ensuing explosions.


Explosive Collar: The standard variant. A set of 4 can be crafted with 1 block of C4, 8 Scrap Metal and 4 Sensor Modules. These will detonate near instantly upon firing the Detonator, resulting in a small explosion that kills the victim and can potentially injure or cripple nearby bystanders.

Dead Money Collar: A special variant that functions like the collars found in Dead Money. A set of 4 requires an additional 4 Scrap Electronics. Upon firing the Detonator, all of the currently collared actors will have about ten seconds to make peace with their fate and, having nothing left to lose, may attack you, run away or simply drop to the ground clutching their heads in futile panic. Additionally, any actors who die wearing this collar will trigger the detonation sequence for anyone else in the area wearing one. If you feel like wearing one of these as a fashion accessory, remember to take it off before the timer runs out when firing the detonator or won't you be surprised! Then again, maybe you're some kind of cult leader and staging a flashy mass-suicide sounds like fun.

Explosive Collar (Fat): A variant that works like a Fat Mine. 1 can be constructed with 2 Scrap Metal, 1 Sensor Module and 1 Mini Nuke. These will detonate near instantly upon firing the Detonator, resulting in a nuclear explosion that atomizes the victim and probably anyone else standing too close.

Explosive Collar (Plasma): A variant that works like a Plasma Mine. 1 can be constructed with 2 Scrap Metal, 1 Sensor Module and 1 Plasma Mine. These will detonate near instantly upon firing the Detonator, resulting in a plasma explosion that gooifies the victim and potentially anyone else standing too close.

I've injected the items into the appropriate form lists using a script to avoid conflicts. For fun, I've also added a new challenge called "Irony, Thy Name Is" for managing to kill Elijah with a Dead Money Collar.

I get that these things are more of a novelty than actually useful. In almost every case, it would be more efficient to plant a grenade in their pocket or just shoot them. To be honest, I only made them because I found it an entertaining challenge trying to successfully script an item to work the way the collars are supposed to in Dead Money.

How To Obtain

To figure out how to construct most of these horrifying weapons, you will need to take the Mad Bomber perk. For the special Dead Money collar variant, you can just listen to Elijah explain how they work, requiring you to complete the final quest of Dead Money "Heist of the Centuries", and, as long as you have an Explosives skill of 75, the recipe will be unlocked to craft.

Converting a common Detonator to a Linked Detonator just requires a Science skill of 50 or greater and 1 Detonator and 1 Sensor Module.

If you're feeling lazy, you can always add the items to your inventory using the console by following this method and specifying the quantity you want to add afterwards (substituting ## with the mod index of the plugin from your load order):
player.AddItem ##00500C (basic Explosive Collar)
player.AddItem ##000800 (Dead Money Collar)
player.AddItem ##00080E (Linked Detonator)
player.AddItem ##00638D (Plasma Collar)
player.AddItem ##006389 (Fat Collar)


The Dead Money and Old World Blues DLCs are required as well as xNVSE and the JIP LN NVSE script extender, as my script relies on some new functions added by these script extenders in order to work properly.


Zebumper for being gracious enough to respond to my PMs with spot-on advice for how to improve my original rudimentary script for the detonation sequence and actually get it to function like I wanted.
The xNVSE Discord (especially yvile and Anro) for their help brainstorming the scripting for tricky features like individual collar detonation and attack orders.
The NVSE Team for the New Vegas Script Extender.
Jazzisparis for the JIP LN NVSE script extender plugin, which added new functions essential to some of the scripts I made for this.
Korma for Hot Reload (NVSE), which made the scripts so much less tedious to tweak and test.