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Restores the strip to the E3 2010 Demo + General environmental improvements to the strip Area, such as buildings entrances and general lighting.
Now the strip looks more consistent and has a major mature look.

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To follow there will be the features:

1° The strip is now surrounded by concrete walls.

2° The strip area has been restored basing on the E3 2010 DEMO and from all the different informations we have of  FNV pre release. stage.

3° The monorail station in detail has been improved , now is definitely more consistent considering that has been open to the sky and joined to the strip world space.

4° Liberating the buildings sides from the dirt ,debris and old walls i could restore and make functional the alternative entrances of The Tops and Michelangelo Workshop.

5° took care to add some of the missing light beams of the strip Spotlights like lucky 38 and the tops or like the ultra luxe fountain.

6°  The tops has been restored and i merged my mod: tops exterior pre release restored

7° The the tops interior wallpaper has been restored to a cleaner version , inspired to the pre release game.

8° Moved The tops presidential suite elevator, his position now it fits more the exterior layout of the building.


This mods puts more load on the game engine so expect possible frame drops.
I am aware that the mod has a problem whit tops windows light not showing up.
Also they may be problems whit the drunks ncr troopers an their puke animations.

You will also need to generate LOD whit a LOD generator (some LOD may work some may require generation).
I am working to give a proper LOD, you will note some missing LOD.

You will possibly go for a new game, but if you have a save where you haven't enter the strip yet should work whit no glitches.

This is a final but early version of the mod, in the future it will be improve it, aiming to fix the minor problems.
please report any bugs so that we can troubleshoot them faster.