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Adds new meat types and recipes to go along with them.

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Ever killed a Radscorpion and wondered why you can't fry up a piece? 
Has it crossed your mind what Ghoul, or Supermutant meat tastes like?

Well, you've found the mod you're looking for! Introducing: Missing Meats(+ Recipes to go along with them)!

Missing Meats adds five new raw meat type, added to their respective levelled lists. These meats will drop whenever you kill the respected enemy, and can be used in new recipes for survival benefits. 

The new raw meat types are:
  • Deathclaw Meat
  • Radscorpion Meat
  • Cazador Meat
  • Ghoul Meat
  • Supermutant Meat

As mentioned above, these items can be used to make five new food types via the Campfire Crafting menu! This is most useful on a survival or modded survival playthrough. 

The new dishes are as follows, and grant the following benefits. 
  • Cazador Kebab - Starvation -30, HP +10, Poison Resist +15 for 2mins
  • Fried Radscorpion - Starvation -30, HP +10 
  • Deathclaw Steak - Starvation -50, HP +15, +1 Strength for 2mins
  • Supermutant Steak - Starvation -40, HP +15, Radiation -15
  • Ghoul Steak - Starvation -25, HP +8, -1 Charisma for 30secs.

Just a little more additional info! 
  • This mod runs as a great companion to my previous mod, Simple Cooked Meats. This adds 10 new simple food recipes to the wasteland!
  • Ghoul Meat will drop from all Feral Ghoul types, including Glowing Ones. 
  • Supermutant Meat will drop from all Supermutant types, from the regular mutants to the Behemoths. (Note: Mutants from Jacobstown will not drop meat, as they are considered friendly in the geck)
  • Deathclaw Meat will drop from all Deathclaw types, from young Deathclaws to Alpha Deathclaws. 

Install via your favorite Mod Manager. If you prefer a manual install, simply drop the .esp into your fnv data folder. 

This should be compatible with all major mods, NVSE plugins and player-created patches. I have test run this mod in a 253+ plugin load order, so we should be all good. In saying that, please let me know of any incompatibilities you come across!

I hope you enjoy this mod as much as I did making it, and you find these little additions helpful throughout your journey of the Mojave.

If you feel like dropping a donation, Buy Me a Coffee!

cheers for reading the whole description, you're the real MVP

Thanks, Baalberith9160