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This patches up EUCLID C-FINDER as I would've liked it had worked in the first place.

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There are many EUCLID tweaks and patches already, and although it is kind of a old game to post more stuff for it, I still put it here. If nothing more, then as a testament to one of the trickiest scripts I have ever fixed (fingers crossed, it haven't bugged on me yet, but Fallouts work in mysterious ways).

-Fixes the bugs associated with the Euclid C-Finder

-Doubles Euclid range to 20k.

-Doubles the damage to 300.

-Makes enemies hit to burn in flames for 20 seconds, for total burning damage of 300, making each shot do total of 600 damage.

-Weighs ten times less, 1.5 lbs.

-Ammo capacity is now 3. Charging 2 shots per day. Exact charge times are 11 am and 2 pm.

-The terminal entry at Helios I is modified to reflect the changes.

-Archimedes gives messages to the player to keep on tabs what is happening.

-10 sec interval between shots. A message box will tell when the next shot is initialized. I made this for 2 reasons: firstly, the game is unable to calculate the correct coordinates if fired too rapidly, usually making the next shot hit closer to the player than the previous one. There could be better mechanics for targeting the shot, but since, secondly, the 10 sec interval is more balanced than "rapid" fire, I chose not to find them. If the next shot is fired before the message box appears, and thus too early, the rangefinder will play the sound but nothing happens.

-Shots fired too far will not use ammo, unless you point the target first in range, but move the pointer then out of range. This is intentional, since HELIOS has already played the fire animation, it didn't feel right to save the ammo in that case.

-I thought of adding Splash Damage perk to affect this, but then decided against it. It is powerful enough as it is and as the damage does not come from a player weapon, it kind of didn't feel right anyway.

Version 1.01 changes:

-The timer between shots was tied to timescale, which made the vanilla timescale of 30 run about 4 times faster than my own 8 timescale. Made a new timer for it, 10 sec interval between shots is now independent of the timescale.

Cheat Version 1.00 changes:

-Ignores the checks for how many shots have been charged, i.e. there is no max ammo capacity.

-Ignores where the player diverted the power to.

Didn't test this myself because I have the normal version merged into my main mod and this would conflict with that, but it should work. If not, let me know. Also, didn't make a new cheat 1.01 version, so if you use this, the time between shots is still affected by timescale and vanilla timescale might give too short pause for retargeting the shot properly.