Fallout New Vegas
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Adds The Lone Wanderer's Pistol and or The Vault Dweller's Pistol into the game.

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This mod gives you two new weapons for your game, both 10mm pistols that have been used by two different Fallout protagonists. They each have the same stats, so you don't really need both of them unless you're into collecting or are an enjoyer of classic Fallout.

Increases damage and crit damage but lowers the overall health.

The Vault Dweller's Pistol uses the Weathered 10mm Pistol texture from the Courier's Stash DLC, so of course make sure you have that.

Great to use with Couriers Stash Integration that way you can get more balanced starting weapons than a fricking grenade launcher.

The Lone Wanderer's Pistol can be found at the Goodsprings General Store, in the back where Chet sleeps, next to a note.
The Vault Dweller's Pistol can be found in the Bison Steve Hotel near a Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor book in the giftshop area.

Note: I thought to clarify what the significance of the 10mm pistol is to these protagonists. In Fallout 1 it's your first gun, and in Fallout 3 Amata gives it to you after stealing it from her father.