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A small collection of Nif-bashed armors created from vanilla assets. Requires Honest Hearts. Now with female meshes!

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A small collection of three armors made for my upcoming quest mod. All three now have male and female versions. Currently, they are only placed in specific locations, but if there is interest in more detailed game integration I will consider it (especially if I add more armors).

Where to find:

The Casual Commander's Uniform can be found in the Commander's Tent at Camp Forlorn Hope.
It provides a bonus to your Critical Chance and Guns skill.

The Desert Wanderer's Coat can be found at the Jackals Camp between the Mojave Outpost and Nipton.
It provides a bonus to your Perception and Survival skill.

The Wasteland Sheriff's Outfit can be found in the Primm Sheriff's House.
It provides a bonus to your Endurance and Action Points.

All three are placed in duffle bags.

Obsidian for Fallout: New Vegas
mc_tammer/user286 for his wonderful tutorials on nif-bashing