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Resourcefull Craftmen adds new recipes into the game, alongside changing some preexisting ones in order to make crafting more viable. It also includes some new items used in some of the new recipes.

Permissions and credits

New Recipes
-3 new recipes for throwing weapons, balanced to allow crafting in high quantities.
-6 melee weapons recipes, including the Shishkebab, Chainsaw and Mantis Gauntlet.
-Most guns and energy weapons can be broke down to get weapon components.
-7 energy weapons recipes, including tri-beam laser rifle and multiplas rifle.
-10+ firearms recipes, including sawed off shotgun, hunting rifle and hunting revolver.
-Flamer recipe.
-Merc outfits can be brokedown into merc outfits frames.
-Leather and metal armor recipes that make use of the new merc outfits frames, alongside their reinforced versions.

Changed Recipes
-Time Bomb, Tin Grenade and Powder Charge now produce in batches and are more material efficient.

New Items
-Merc Outfit Frames, used to craft armors.
-Firearms and energy weapons components, using to craft said weaponry.

So you know what to expect

Throwing Knives
Ten Throwing Knives can be made using 5 Scrap Metal, 1 Tanned Gecko Hide (for the grips) and 1 Whet Stone (for the edge, the stone is given back). The output quantity is based on the weight of it's components (6kg), against the output weight (5kg). Note that not all recipes have this even weight conversion.

One Chainsaw can be made with 1 Leaf Blower (Chasis), 1 Wood Chipper, 5 Scrap Metal, Scrap Electronics, a Pilot Light, a Tanned Fire Gecko Hide  (some parts in the model seem to be kept together by a kind of hide, the weapon quality deems it to be a Fire Gecko Hide).

Leather Armor
One Leather Armor can be made with 1 Mercenary Outfit Frame, 3 Tanned Gecko Hide, 1 Scrap Metal, 1 Wonder Glue.

Lever Action Chamber
One Lever Action Chamber can be obtained with 1 Lever Action Weapon, 1 Wrench (REFUNDED) and 1 Abraxo Cleaner.

Energy Terminal + Plasma Accelerator
Variable quantities of Energy Terminals and Plasma Accelerators can be obtained with 1 Plasma Weapon, 1 Wrench (REFUNDED) and 1 Spare Electronics.

Future Plans

Recipe wise
-New armors using the animal hides and so on.
-Weapon mods recipes, probably needing the weapon itself to make the mod.
-Craftable one use beartraps and maybe poisonous traps.

Perk wise
-Perks to increase parts efficiency.
-Lock some powerful recipes behind perks.
-More bottlecaps recipes behind perks.
-More/new loot perks.

Overworld wise
-Place weapon components on some locations.
-Place pending weapon recipes and according locations.