Fallout New Vegas
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AVeryUncreativeUsername and Kormakur

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Makes every NPC in the game hostile towards the player.

Permissions and credits
Since it seems people want this mod on Nexus, and are re-uploading it, I've decided to re-upload it myself.

The Courier is too dangerous to be left alive! We need to take them down!This mod will make every NPC hostile towards the player. Note that if you are starting a new game, then I recommend installing the mod AFTER leaving Doc Mitchel's house.

This mod utilizes xNVSE's Lambda and Inline Variables.The script can be viewed on Github for a simple example on how to use the features.

Optional Features:
This mod includes a few optional features that can be enabled in the included ini file. Optional features include:

  • Camera Shake - Set the camera shake and duration when hit.
  • Clear Dead Actors Hotkey - Clear dead actors in case you want to cleanup your mess.
  • Disable Level Up - Prevents the player from leveling up.
  • Disable Perks - Prevents the player from gaining perks on level up.
  • Exploding Limbs - Causes the player's limbs to explode when they die.
  • Fake Quest Message - Displays a fake quest message with the quest objective saying "Survive."
  • Freeze Time Hotkey - Freeze time in case you need to get your bearings.
  • Friendly Securitrons - Makes Securitrons friendly if Wild Card Change in Management has been completed.
  • Hostile Yes Man - Makes Yes Man hostile.
  • Joke Messages - Displays joke message under certain conditions such as your head being crippled.
  • No Pre-Order Pack Items - Prevents you from gaining pre-order pack items. Doesn't work retroactively.
  • No Skills - Sets all skills to 1.
  • No SPECIAL Skills - Sets all SPECIAL stats to 1.
  • One Hit Kill - Instant kills the player upon being hit.
  • Player Push Away - Pushes or pulls the player to or from the attacker when hit.
  • Player Velocity - Set the player's velocity when hit.
  • Remove All Items - When enabled, all items will be removed. When disabled, all items will be returned upon next game session.
  • Remove Perks - Removes the player's existing perks (Note the effects of this option are permanent! Use with caution!)

- Lonesome Road
- Courier's Stash
- JIP LN NVSE Plugin
- JohnnyGuitar NVSE
- ShowOff NVSE Plugin

- Kormakur
- For xNVSE, the script that turns NPCs hostile and advice for improving my terrible scripts.
- jazzisparis and luthienanarion for the JIP LN NVSE Plugin
- TrueCourierSix, lStewieAl, and carxt for the JohnnyGuitar NVSE plugin.
- Demorome for the ShowOff NVSE Plugin and putting up with my constant requests.
- TommInfinite for the SUP NVSE plugin.

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