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Patch for FaramH's Less Empty Primm that strips it down while still maintaining the feel.

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This is a patch for Less Empty Primm by FaramH/Biohazard.

It strips down a few things for performance while still maintaining the original size and feel.

I am 100 percent positive I missed some things and would be open to suggestion.

Highly suggest regenerating lod

Main features: 

No more over-scaled fence around the roller coaster. As much as I love the idea, I don't know how this could be implemented without adding new assets. 

Reduced Clutter. Hopefully this will help with performance.

Reduced NPCs. This is more my own preference. I didn't really mind the NPC's and their story, but I just didn't feel like patching them for my NPC mods.

Reduced Locations. Removed the Ranger shack and the Detective Agency.

More "lore friendly". (if you consider empty and desolate lore friendly)

Added some very scarce loot around the new areas to incentivize exploration.

NOTE!: The "Truth Edition" stays true to Faram's original. No buildings have been removed. No npcs have been removed. You're just getting the fence and barrier removals, and the reduced clutter.