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A collection of my personal changes for Tale of Two Wastelands.

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Tale of Two Wastelands is a great mod, but there's some stuff and details I'm not sastified with.
This mod aims to solve a few issues of mine along with improving some of the stuff and adding gameplay changes in TTW.
Notable list of changes
  • Plenty of weapons have been tweaked:
Capital Wasteland-exclusive weapons now use unique scope reticles. The scoped .44 revolver now uses the same scope from a modded .44 revolver, sniper rifles and their unique variants now use Fallout 3's reticle, the Infiltrator and its unique variant now uses the mil-dot reticle.The spread of assault rifles and Infiltrators are now the same as their original counterparts.
Molotov cocktails now use their own unique explosion sound effect and a better explosion effect.
The dart gun's maximum condition is now heavily reduced.
Regular darts now deal poisoning damage. The dart gun's recipe is also now changed into the original Fallout 3 one aswell.
Some weapons' skill requirements and tiers are now retweaked. The Chinese officer's sword requirement is changed from 25 to 50, for example.
The Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese pistol now uses 9mm ammo.
The service rifle's reflex sight, .45 Auto pistol's night sights and the lever-action custom sights now increase zooming while aiming down sights.
The service rifle is now reverted to semi-auto to differentiate from the assault rifle and other automatic 5.56mm weapons.
Fist of Rawr is now repaired using deathclaw gauntlets and now makes the same noise as a deathclaw gauntlet upon hitting enemies.
The Mesmetron and the microwave emitter now charges before firing like in the original Fallout 3.
The player character no longer pulls an invisible pin on the bio-gas canister, cryo grenade, MFC cluster and grenade.
Molotov and Nuka cocktails will now explode on impact.
An optional ESP swaps the recipes for the Nuka-Cocktail and Nuka-Grenade, in addition replacing the Nuka-Cocktails placed in the Capital Wasteland for Nuka-Grenades.
The Wanda and Xuanlong assault rifle's ammo have now been reverted to 5.56mm. An optional ESP is included to revert them back to 5mm.
The Kneecapper and Clover's short barrel shotgun have been corrected to fire 1 shot at a time instead of 2.
Silenced 10mm pistols now use their proper firing sound instead of resuing the Infiltrator's.
  • .32 rifles can now be used to repair the .308 hunting rifle and vice versa.
  • .32 weapons' projectile (Reused from the 10mm) now look like pistol bullets instead of rifle. They also no longer emit tracers.
  • Mesmetron power cell crafting is now expanded: Mesmetron cells can now be recycled like other energy ammo and microfusion cells and electron charge packs can now be used to convert into Mesmetron power cells so long as you have the schematics for them.
  • Nuka-Cocktail and bottlecap mine recipes on the workbench are no longer duplicated once you have mutiple schematics for them.
  • The molotov cocktail no longer requires a schematic and now requires an empty bottle of scotch and some flamer fuel to craft.
  • Added repair requirements for crafting railway spikes and darts.
  • Different requirements for ant nogs and hulls for darts are now labeled in the crafting menu.
  • Changed one of the mirelurk cakes' ingridients from ant eggs to radscorpion eggs to allow some use for the latter item aside from selling.
  • Weapon mod names have been tweaked to be consistent with New Vegas' naming convention.
  • Plenty of typographical, grammatical, punctuation errors and other text inconsistencies found have been fixed along with improving descriptions of some perks, challenges and weapon mods.
  • The strength bobblehead's quote is changed to something based on the original version, but tweaked to be in line with the bobblehead's bonus: "It's essential to add weight to your arguments."
  • One of the rewards from Protector Casdin is now changed from Hydra to doctor's bags.
  • Added doctor's bags as one of the rewards for delivering scrap metal to Winthrop at Underworld.
  • The [SUCCESS] indicator in speech challenges is now changed to [SUCCEEDED] to be consistent with New Vegas' dialogue.
  • Some of the karma titles have been tweaked and moved to other levels. A new neutral title "Quill of Memory" replaces the title for levels 28 and 29 to be more in line with the good and evil title, Shield of Hope and Sword of Despair.
  • Reloading sounds have been improved. The combat shotgun reloading sounds are now in original quality and audio now cuts off less.
  • Eulogy Jones now wears his own hat instead of leaving it on a table.
  • The additional Ghoul Grinder challenges and Glowing, Glowing, Gone have been disabled because I feel they're unessecary.
  • Moira Brown now gives an usable version of the Wasteland Survival Guide upon completing her quest with all chapters complete.
  • Non-humanoid and super mutant companions can now carry faction apparel for you. Star Paladin Cross can now also wear BoS armor aswell.
  • The cut nukalurk radiation damage and deathclaw poisoning have been restored.
  • Improved some of the dialogue for turning over technology to Casdin.
  • Fixed Capital Wasteland's feral ghouls not having their voice lines played properly.
  • Restored cut dialogue for the CB radio backup holotape.
  • Canopy shadows on Tranquility Lane and Oasis that were removed by TTW due to crashing on certain graphic cards have been restored.
  • Vault 108's Garies no longer improperly speak English.
  • Night-vision goggles now give a perception bonus with Four Eyes.
  • Reinforced night-vision goggles will now prevent you from wearing a hat due to the goggles clipping with the hat.
  • Renamed reinforced night-vision goggles to "Night Vision Goggles, Reinforced" to be consistent with how reinforced armors are named.
  • The Chinese stealth armor found in the Mojave now functions identically to Operation: Anchorage's counterpart.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if one of TTW's pickable plants is disabled or deleted.
  • Raiders, wastelanders, slavers and super mutants will now occasionally use Molotov cocktails instead of frag grenades.
  • Restored the Vault 101 PA system for Trouble on the Homefront, which was meant to play but was broken due to a missing function in the quest's script.
  • Replaced the loading screen wheel so the wheel resembles a vault door instead of a roulette wheel for consistency with TTW's theme.
  • Replaced the death and "level up" music with unused ones that has a similar tune as Fallout 3, but more in line with New Vegas' style.
  • Changed My First Laboratory's detoxification message "Addictions removed" back to the original "You have been fully detoxified".
  • Fixed Walker/Master of the Mojave to reuse their original names and amounts required for completion, added the D.C. prefix to Tour Guide/Tourist challenges and adjusted them to have the same completion amount as Walker/Master of the Mojave.
  • Various YSi icons and overlays not covered by YSi and Helmet Overlay have been added.
The Pitt
  • The ammo press instructions note is now updated to include new ammo introduced by New Vegas and TTW's reworked feature.
  • Infiltrators now use the original spread like the other assault rifles.
  • Leather and metal armor can now be used to repair leather rebel and metal master armors respectively.
  • Alternative ammo types for the ammo press have been removed for balancing purposes. They can be restored with an optional ESP.
Operation: Anchorage
  • The Chinese infantry uniform for the DLC now have the "Winterized" prefix.
  • Anchorage's unique weapons are now only uniquely named outside of the simulation.
  • The Gauss rifle outside of the simulation now consumes 5 microfusion cells per shot like New Vegas' Gauss rifle.
  • The Outcast guard in Aiding the Outcasts will now properly comment on rejection of Mojave Wasteland's companions.
Broken Steel
  • Albino radscorpions, super mutant overlords and feral ghoul reavers now have their health halved. This should make them a lot less fustrating to fight against.
  • The prototype Tesla cannon now consumes 40 electron charge packs per shot. 
  • The remaining perks for the DLC have now been increased to 42.
  • The Nuka-Cola Quantum recipe has now been moved to the Nuka Chemist perk. Because of this, Quantum Chemist is now disabled.
Point Lookout
  • Double-barreled shotguns now fire 2 shells at a time like the original version.
  • The DLC's moonshine is now renamed "Point Lookout Moonshine" to differentiate from New Vegas' moonshines.
  • The bio-gas canisters now actually look like canisters instead of pulse grenades. (Uses the cryo grenade's model)
  • Fixed the bio-gas canister schematics incorrectly referring the weapon to as "Bio-Gas Grenade".
  • Changed one of the ingridents for the bio-gas canister from 3 tin cans to a piece of scrap metal. 
Mothership Zeta
  • Aliens in Wild Wasteland and random encounters now make use of Mothership Zeta's alien features, and now carry weapons from that DLC instead of laser weaponry.
  • Cryo grenades now have the "Alien" prefix to differentiate from TTW's cryo grenades.
  • Wild Wasteland's aliens now count toward Enemy Unknown and Xenophobe.
Old World Blues
  • The implant prices for the Sink's Auto-Doc have been reduced to accompany TTW's economy.
Lonesome Road
  • Reworked the Roughin' It perk to differentiate from Broken Steel's Deep Sleep. The perk now adds a weightless Roughin' It bedroll kit to your inventory.
  • Flashbangs now no longer show a message the first time picking up the grenade, as the grenade has been intergrated to the main wasteland.
  • The riot helmet now uses TTW's night-vision sounds whenever night-vision is switched on.
  • Colonel Royez now properly wears the Scorched Sierra power helmet instead of a beret.
  • Fixed the Scorched Sierra power armor's glowing parts not working properly.

I'd reccomend also checking out and using my personal changes mod for New Vegas in conjunction with this mod.