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A collection of my personal changes for Tale of Two Wastelands.

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Tale of Two Wastelands is great, but there's some stuff and details I'm not sastified about. This mod aims to solve a few issues of mine, along with improving some of the stuff in TTW.

Notable list of changes
  • .32 and Chinese pistols now have critical chance bonuses to compensate for low damage. The bonus is also increased further for unique variants aswell.
  • .32 pistols no longer have a huge amount of recoil. The .32 ammo is also now consistently renamed into ".32 Round".
  • .32 rifles can now be used to repair the .308 hunting rifle and vice versa.
  • Assault rifles have been rebalanced. Assault rifles now use their original spread and now deal a max. 12 damage. Chinese assault rifles now deal 16.
  • Molotov and Nuka cocktails now explode on impact and they now use the appropriate explosion sound effect unused anywhere else.
  • Bottlecap mine and Nuka cocktail workbench recipe now works similarly to Fallout 3. That means if the schematic is upgraded, the requirements stay the same and an additional recipe with increased requirements never appears.
  • Mesmetron power cell crafting is now expanded: Mesnetron cells can now be recycled like other energy ammo and they can now be used for energy ammo conversion.
  • A few wording errors were resolved such as the ammo names at the ammo press, reloading bench for house, steamed radroaches and bloatfly smoothies. 
  • Capital Wasteland-exclusive weapons now use their own scope reticles, the scoped .44 revolver now uses the same scope from a modded .44 revolver in Mojave, sniper rifles and their unique variants now use Fallout 3's reticle, the Infiltrator and its unique variant now uses the mil-dot reticle.
  • Messages for sicknesses missing punctuations have been fixed and water abbreviation is now "H2O" instead of "H20". This was a carry-over from the latest version of YUP.
  • The [SUCCESS] indicator in speech challenges is now changed to [SUCCEEDED] to match New Vegas' dialogue conventions.
  • Karma titles have been changed to fit the combined wasteland concept.
  • The note when you start in the Mojave is now replaced by the existing note you get upon leaving Vault 101 for the first time.
  • Sawed-off shotguns found in the Capital now fire both 2 shells at a time.
  • Reloading sounds have been improved. The combat shotgun reloading sounds are now in original quality and audio now cuts off less.
The Pitt
  • The ammo press instructions note is now updated to include new ammo introduced by New Vegas and TTW's reworked feature.
  • Infiltrators now use the original spread like the other assault rifles.
  • Leather and metal armor can now be used to repair leather rebel and metal master armors respectively.
Operation: Anchorage
  • The Chinese uniform for the DLC now have the "Winterized" prefix.
  • Anchorage's unique weapons are now only uniquely named and have proper skill requirements outside of the simulation.
  • The Gauss rifle outside of the simulation now consumes 10 cells like New Vegas' Gauss rifle.
  • Unused holotapes are now placed in the Outcasts' outpost. This provides a bit more depth behind the simulation and VSS.
Broken Steel
  • Albino radscorpions, super mutant overlords and feral ghoul reavers now have their health halved.
Point Lookout
  • Like the sawed-off shotgun, double-barreled shotguns now fire 2 shells at a time.
  • Burial mounds in Point Lookout now require a shovel to dig in.
  • The health of tribals and swampfolks have been reduced.
  • The bugged moonshine still caused by TTW is now fixed. The game wouldn't register the still as fixed after fixing, making it infinitely possible to gain XP.
Mothership Zeta
  • Wild Wasteland aliens now use Mothership Zeta's alien properties, and now carry weapons from that DLC instead of laser weaponry.
  • The alien blasters and atomizers now use a proper firing animation instead of reusing the .44 revolver animation.