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Port of Fallout 3 Tenpenny Tower Radio by DarkanX to TTW

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Hi guys I'm back for a bit more modding.This time I ported Fallout 3 Tenpenny Tower Radio by DarkanX to TTW 3.2.2 with permission.

Known issue: the radio works from anywhere doesn't turn on only after you leave the vault for ex.  

The mod is relatively straightforward. It adds a new radio to Fallout 3 world full of nice smooth jazz hosted by Tenpenny himself. I guess it technically re-adds it since it was originally planned but was cut from the game. There are Tenpenny radio voices as well as 2 jazz songs left in the data files. Original author DarkanX picked a lot more jazz songs that work well with the intended thematic and took all the Tenpenny voices and created this radio. Read the original mod for more details.

Please let me know any issues you might find. This is the first release. I have tested this and it appears to work. FNV works differently than FO3 and I had to move all the songs into /songs/ folder and turn them into ogg. For some odd reason the music as it was before was only playing for 1-2 seconds then skipping. Not sure if it was beacuse of the location in /voice/ or because was mp3 but from what I read mp3s in FNV cause issues. Seems to work okay now.

Also I don't know what happens to the radio if Tenpenny dies. I assume it continues playing. I'm sure someone will, at some point, report on it.