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Replaces the date palm trees seen on the Strip with way better custom models

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If you've ever been to the Strip, you've probably seen those planters full of palm trees. You probably thought they look like shit. I thought that too, so I made three models to replace them with. Then I replaced the static collections for the planters on the Strip so they use the new models too.

They look way better but they're not really that complex, so don't even worry about performance, it'll probably be fine. I haven't tested the models at all tho, so there might be problems. Just lemme know I'll probably fix them.

Here's some things you should know though:

  • I didn't replace the LODs. The old ones look fine and match the new models enough that it doesn't really matter.
  • The collision is kinda fucked up´╗┐. It works but bullets sometimes fly through the trees and you can clip through them if you run into them at the right angle. You probably wouldn't have noticed if I didn't tell you, but if you know how to properly make collisions for trees in Blender please lemme know

In case you wanted to know, I made the models in a program called Tree It, then I put them in the game with Blender 2.49b