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Adds animated barge to replace the static vanilla barge - No plugin. Just a straight replacer.

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Greetings! Around seven years ago, my old friend, nonoodles, released a Mod Resources pack that pretty much flew under the radar.
The package was relatively small (hurr durr!), but it contained some terrific little assets that, sadly, have been underutilised by the community.

Recently, a modder known as Ashens2014 has made a bit of a name for themselves, posting a new set of animated models every week or so.
These models replace various vanilla assets throughout the Mojave with animated counterparts.
I think they're fantastic, and I look forward to seeing what else Ashens2014 brings to the table as they grow as a mod creator.

Sure enough, Ashens' animated assets spurred me to revisit nonoodle's mod pack, as I remembered that it contained a few animated assets itself.
One such asset is an animated barge that rocks gently back and forth, creating the illusion that it's floating on water.

Not only did I see an opportunity to hop on the animated gravy train, I also felt called to share something that I knew would complement Ashens' work, with the added bonus that it would draw some attention to nonoodle's Mod Resources pack, too. Thus, this mod adds an animated version of the barge to New Vegas, replacing the static vanilla barge.

I take zero credit for the work. The credit belongs to nonoodles. All I've done is rename the "barge_AS.nif", and repackaged everything into the correct folder structure [meshes\vehicles\barge.nif] to replace the vanilla model. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Thanketh thee and enjoyeth!


Animated barge mesh by nonoodles
Animated logo kindly contributed by Ashens2014
Video demonstration and screenshots by DanteFettman

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