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Ever needed to buy a metric ton of ammo?

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Inspired by Borderlands, this mod adds in several Gun Runners brand ammo vending machines scattered across the wasteland. These machines carry essentially infinite ammo for your currently equipped weapon, and will restock fully the instant you interact again. However they sell it at 3x base value, and since these are vending machines, you are unable to barter with them. However with 75+ Science, you may attempt to hack the machine and apply a 33% discount. Regardless, it is a fairly pricey way to acquire any ammo you need, provided you have the weapon for it.

There are a few exceptions to the ammos it can sell, for example it won't stock exotic ammo types, such as Alien Power Cells, Archimedes-II charges, Mini-Nukes, or non-standard ammo such as Nails or Camera film.

A machine can be found in the following locations:


If you feel like one should be added elsewhere, please let me know, but do keep in mind that I wanted these to be in somewhat logical locations, so no Legion or Fiend territory, for example.


JIP LN Plugin


MitchTheTwitch - For creating the texture for the machines.